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Welcome to Chevra T'helim

Chevra T'helim Synagogue is now known as the Jewish Museum & Cultural Center.

This rare surviving example of Eastern European  Jewish Orthodoxy is located at the main entrance to the City of Portsmouth, VA
It is a place where visitors from home and around the world can celebrate and learn about the Jewish history, faith, and culture.

The Jewish Museum & Cultural Center houses artifacts and exhibits that reflect the history of the Hampton Roads / Tidewater Jewish Community.

On Display is an eighteenth century Torah Scroll rescued from a synagogue in Trebic, Czechoslavakia. That synagogue was a victim of the Holocaust.

President’s Message (Spring 2015)

Immigration Exhibit Initiative

  In case you have not heard, the Jewish Museum and Cultural Center has embarked on a Big       Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG).  Our BHAG is expected to be a six-panel, traveling Immigration Exhibit, highlighting the Jewish immigration experience in South Hampton Roads.

If you, or anyone you know, was part of a family which immigrated to Norfolk, Portsmouth or Berkley between 1880 and 1920, we want to talk to you about becoming a part of our exhibit.  We need your stories, your photos, your papers, and most of all, your financial support.

We envision this exhibit to be one of a kind, in terms of “state of the art” education, as well as outreach. Our intentions are to make this Immigration Exhibit a portable, traveling one, which      can enlighten audiences from 6 to 106 years old.

Chairing our BHAG is Kitty Wolf, an award-winning Jewish educator.  Kitty is anxious to schedule meetings to further detail the contents of our Immigration Exhibit, and to document stories you may have from previous generations.

This is a BHAG worthy of your attention and interest.  We are fast losing a generation who can recall the conditions that characterize our ancestors’ lives here in South Hampton Roads, which we are trying to document. Please help us reach our Big Hairy Audacious Goal!

Richard Rivin

Richard Rivin, President

Annual JMCC Membership Cost and Benefits

Level               Cost                 Benefits

1                       $36 per year       One (1) Admission to all films

2                       $75 per year       One (1) Admission to all films, and to either our lecture or music series

3                       $150 per year     One (1) Admission to all films, and to both our lecture and music series

4                       $250 per year     Two (2) Admissions to all films, and to both our lecture and music series

5  $100 per year     Two (2) Out of Town Supporters (Greater than 100 miles from Hampton Roads)

(Annual Membership may be paid by check, Payable to JMCC, P.O. Box 7962, Portsmouth, VA; or by Visa or Mastercard by phone                                    call: 757-391-9266, Tuesday – Thursday, 10AM to 2 PM)

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